2009 Mobile Star Awards

The 2009 (8th Annual) Mobile Star Awards recognized top Mobile Products, Success Stories and Visionaries as chosen by thousands of readers of MobileVillage's free email newsletter Go Mobile.

We're now accepting entries for the 2012 (11th annual) awards program. Download the 2012 entry form here or you may request it by email from Gary Thayer at awards (at) mobilevillage.com.

2009 Mobile Star Awards Sponsors
2009 Mobile Star Awards Winners

Consumer App: Cloud Services / Content Sync

Consumer App: Email or Messaging

Consumer App: Entertainment or Media Service

Consumer App: Game

Consumer App: Information Security

Consumer App: Navigation or Location Based Services

Consumer App: Productivity

Consumer App: Remote Access & Management

Consumer App: Social Networking Utility

Consumer App: Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP)

Consumer App: Voice-to-Text or Text-to-Voice

Consumer App: Web Browser

Developer & Enterprise Software: Application Development

Enterprise Software: Asset Management

Enterprise Software: Data Collection

Enterprise Software: Database

Enterprise Software: Devices Management

Enterprise Software: Email

Enterprise Software: Education or Training

Enterprise Software: Field Sales & CRM

Enterprise Software: Field Service

Enterprise Software: GPS or Location Based Services

Enterprise Software: Healthcare Practice Management Tool

Enterprise Software: Healthcare Reference

Enterprise Software: Healthcare Specialty App

Enterprise Software: Marketing or Advertising

Enterprise Software: Messaging or Alerting System

Enterprise Software: Middleware

Enterprise Software: Security: Password Security

Enterprise Software: Security: VPN Firewall or Encryption

Enterprise Software: WLAN Management

Enterprise Software: Unified Communications or Fixed-Mobile Convergence

Hardware: Customer Service

Hardware: Industrial or Rugged Handheld

Hardware: Portable Productivity Peripheral

Hardware: Portable Remote Connectivity Gear

Hardware: Portable Storage

Hardware: Wireless Coverage System

Operator Software: Application or Service Delivery

Operator Software: Customer or Device Management

Operator Software: Customer Service

Success Story: Commerce & Marketing

Success Story: Delivery Service

Success Story: Field Service

Success Story: Wireless Network

Visionary: Consumer Software or Services

Visionary: Enterprise Software or Services

Visionary: Wireless Network Solutions

Wireless / Mobile Public Relations Firm


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