Mobile University:
Enterprise Customer- Focused Educational Sessions
for Live & Online Conferences

What makes Mobile University sessions special?

Unlike most trade show sessions and "webinars" that are vendor-focused, Mobile University™ sessions are customer focused. They are led primarily by enterprise "early adopters" of mobile technology, and are designed to help mobile technology vendors learn what needs to be done to get their solutions deployed.



The aim of Mobile University™ online conferences is to:

  • Foster a non-commercial, educational atmosphere that spotlights customer needs and potential applications, rather than specific vendors' technology;
  • Help enterprises learn from each other;
  • Help solutions providers learn about the needs of enterprise customers;
  • Reduce the costs of purchase and sales of mobile technology;

Within this trusting and non-commercial atmosphere, a "win-win" situation is created where customers can reduce the cost of their projects by leveraging the experience of others, and vendors can meet qualified mobile technology customers.

Past Mobile University event attendees said:

"The information we got helped us set our HPC product development channel, and market strategy. A must attend event."
- Jon Magill, Windows CE Marketing, Microsoft

"My co-workers and I brought back a wealth of contacts and ideas that have allowed us to accelerate our rollout and make significant improvements to our handheld device."
- Alan Desjardins, Chicago Mercantile Exchange

Selling Your Solutions to Qualified Buyers

MobileVillage is excited to help your organization reach qualified enterprise buyers. Live and online Mobile University™ forums focus on mobile technology topics in areas such as:

  • Education
  • Field Service / Sales
  • GIS & Mapping
  • Healthcare
  • Law Enforcement
  • Supply Chain
  • Security
  • Transportation / Travel

Mobile University™ conferences are generally kept to one hour each, and a moderator ensures that participants keep to the forum's topic(s). Recordings of your conference(s) can be archived online and accessed from both MobileVillage.com and from your web site(s). Attendees will be given a password to access the archived records, which can be downloaded for a small fee.

You're Invited to Join!

MobileVillage always welcomes self-professed mobile technology experts to help us shape the curriculum of the Mobile University online conference series:

  • Topic ideas related to mobile / wireless technology,
  • Recent enterprise case studies, and
  • Presenters including enterprise mobile users, committed vendors, and media/analyst experts.

Interested participants are also invited to serve on a board of advisors for each conference. MobileVillage will hold the ultimate responsibility for producing the advisory board meetings and conferences, including creating collateral, facilitating meetings, soliciting participation through calling campaigns and e-mailings, and hosting all calls.

While MobileVillage staff and volunteers will do all the work, we are seeking vendor participants to sponsor the conferences help us underwrite our costs. Vendor participants gain many benefits:

  • Gain sales leads including organizations that are seriously looking to buy mobile technology.
  • Meet product managers, gain a complete understanding of their purchase process, and leverage their feedback for your product development and sales/marketing efforts.
  • Feature Your Customers to deliver case studies and highlight success stories, if you like.
  • Position yourself as a leader in the mobile and wireless computing industry.

If you are a mobile technology project manager, administrator, enterprise mobile user, or vendor/consultant and would like to be considered as a speaker for future live or online events, please email Jon Covington: jon (at) mobilevillage.com. Please be sure to tell us what industry/ies you represent or supply.


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