Submission Guidelines & 2012 Go Mobile Calendar

MobileVillage reviews hundreds of press releases and articles each week for consideration. Unfortunately we cannot post everything due to time, budget, and content limitations. Before submitting news or case studies to MobileVillage, please follow the guidelines below, and check out MobileVillage's News Page and/or an issue of Go Mobile.

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Email addresses listed below replace the "at" sign to avoid email harvesting software.


GO MOBILE Tenative Publication Dates for 2012:
Go Mobile is now published every two weeks, and every three weeks in the summer and around holidays as needed. Below are remaining publication dates for the first half of 2011. Issues are usually dated for Fridays, but are sometimes emailed out a day or two in advance.

1/06, 1/20 (CES wrapup issue), 2/03, 2/17, 3/02 (MWC wrapup issue), 3/16 (CeBIT wrapup issue), 3/30, 4/13, 4/27, 5/11 (CTIA Wireless wrapup issue), 5/24, 6/14, 6/29, 7/20, 8/10, 8/30, 9/14, 9/28, 10/12, 10/26, 11/09, 11/30, 12/14, 12/28


YES - Mobile Productivity Products News: MobileVillage considers news or case studies relevant to mobile productivity: consumer and enterprise mobile software, and less frequently, mobile hardware and wireless connectivity. We will only post news about new products or major upgrades, and the announcement's original release date must be within the last two months.

YES - Survey Results: MobileVillage occasionally posts summaries of survey or poll results that are related to timely trends in mobile/wireless technology, sales, or usage. Survey summaries should provide several paragraphs of interesting reading and stats, preferably presented without tables.

YES - Calls for Entries or Papers: If you have a call for entries (for a mobile contest) or call for papers (for a mobile conference) that is not location-limited, we'll consider posting it.

YES - Case Studies: MobileVillage now only posts case studies on a paid basis. An example of paid placement are the Success Stories in our annual Mobile Star Awards program, although it is not necessary to enter the awards program to submit a paid case study placement. For details, please email Gary Thayer at editor (at) mobilevillage.com. For a Case Study to qualify as news, it must detail a product trial or deployment that is recent (generally in the last year or so). A useful case study also should mention some ROI (return on investment), all major products/models involved in the solution (e.g. software, devices, routers, network providers), and any challenges faced or lessons learned.

NO - Reviews, Interviews or Briefings: While MobileVillage regularly posts links to third-party reviews and interviews, it does not budget for product reviews, interviews or briefings. Exceptions for reviews may be made for products-in-exchange, depending on the interest of potential reviewers.

NO - Mobile Entertainment News: Since MobileVillage's focus is on mobile productivity, we generally don't post news about mobile games and other entertainment products. Exceptions are often made to Mobile Star Awards entrants/winners and/or paid Yellow Pages listees.

NO - 'Product Bundle' or 'Special Offer' News: If you have a special offer you'd like to promote, we will happily run your banner or text ad (or create one for you) at very low rates: for details email editor (at) mobilevillage.com.

NO - Customer Wins: There are too many of these types of news announcements, and MobileVillage does not have the time and space to post them. We do however post Case Studies (see below). A customer win is not a case study unless it details an actual completed deployment.

NO - Partnership News or Company News: MobileVillage does post news stories related to company Partnerships, Financials, or Management Changes, except only from third-party news sources.

NO - Active Web Links: At the end of your news item, MobileVillage always includes the company website address where readers can visit for more information or a product download. We generally don't make the website address an active web link. However, if you are a Mobile Star Awards entrant or winner, and/or Yellow Pages listee, we will include an active link to your summary page on MobileVillage, where your company's active web link and full contact info is posted.

NO - More than one news item in two months: In the interest of space and fairness, MobileVillage generally will not consider a second news announcement within two months of posting the first.

Exceptions to any of the above are made on a case-by-case basis to Mobile Star Awards entrants or winners, and/or Yellow Pages listees. A Yellow Pages listing also includes optional entry in the Mobile Star Awards. For more information and a listing/entry form, please email awards (at) mobilevillage.com.


NO - Calls: If you have a question related to submissions, please email editor (at) mobilevillage.com. The editor finds email to be a more economical and time-efficient method of communication than phone calls.

YES - Good "Email Etiquette": Please email your news or case study to MobileVillage at editor (at) mobilevillage.com in the following manner:

  • Do not send releases as attachments - instead, paste news into your email body, in rich text (text wrapping) format so that we can quickly copy and edit it. Or/and just email a link to your release online.
  • Case studies (but not press releases) should be submitted in MS Word, without fancy formatting. Please, no PDFs.
  • Please do not send forwarded releases, with the ">" before each line in the release (yes, people actually do this).
  • Please do not request read receipt or follow-ups. If you want to see if your news was posted, check out the next issue of Go Mobile.

YES - Lots of Details: Your news announcement should list the main features of your product or case study in a few short paragraphs, or, less preferably, in a short list.

NO - Sales Language: MobileVillage readers value our news because it sounds objective. Please save us editing time on superfluous language such as "premier", "best of breed", or "announced the release of" (instead of "released").

YES - Product or User Photos: MobileVillage will consider posting one or two product or user photos (including screenshots for software.) Send us only two. Email them with your story, uncompressed/unzipped, in web-ready jpeg or gif format. If possible, keep them to between 200-400 pixels wide.


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