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Featured Success Story: Anderson County Schools


Anderson County Schools serves approximately 4,000 students across 9 campuses in Anderson County, Kentucky. To meet the needs of their students and teachers and to provide a positive and exceptional learning experience, ACS looked to upgrade their existing network to support a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) environment and their Digital Citizenship program.

With 80% of their students interested in bringing personally-owned devices to the classroom on a daily basis and no budget to support a 1:1 initiative, ACS IT staff decided to look at upgrading their existing network to handle the load and capacity that a BYOD model would require.

District requirements for the new network included the ability to track and monitor student use on any network and any device type. It was also critical that the district network remain secure and that they had the ability to provide controlled access for individual users and devices, without increasing the support burden for IT.


ACS determined that an Enterasys Mobile IAM (Identity and Access Manager) solution would enable granular visibility and control over individual users, devices and applications. This, in turn, would help ensure a successful roll-out of their BYOD and Digital Driver’s License initiatives.

The deployment of the BYOD solution took place in stages over the past two years and included the following Enterasys Products:

• S-Series modular switches
• B-Series stackable switches
• Mobile IAM
• Enterasys Wireless APs & Controllers


With Enterasys, the district has achieved:

The ability for students to bring their own devices. With the new OneFabric architecture in place, Anderson County Schools can give their students access to devices that, as a school district, they were previously unable to provide. All students have access to the same Internet and district resources whether they are using their own personal device or a school computer.

Enhanced classroom experience. Many teachers have readily embraced the BYOD initiative and encourage students to bring their own devices, and provide learning activities that integrate into the learning experience.

A stable, secure network. Anderson County Schools is trying to move all their resources to the cloud in order to achieve a 24/7 learning environment.

Increased network control. With the ability to marry the personal devices that students and teachers bring with them to their active directory account (provided by the Authentication Gateway), the Anderson County Schools IT staff can ensure that only the right users and devices have access to the right information from the right place at the right time. This level of control and visibility is essential to ensure the safety of their students and to ensure optimal use of network bandwidth for instructional purposes.

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