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2012 & 2013 Mobile Star Awards Winner:

>  Operator Media Delivery  —  Media Optimizer
>  Operator Subscriber Management  —  Promotion & Pricing Innovation

Company Summary:

2100 Seaport Boulevard, 4th Floor
Redwood City, CA 94063
(+1) 650-480-7200
owmobility [at] sonuspr.com


Company Structure:  Private Company, established in 2012
Operating Systems Supported:  All Platforms

Openwave Featured Operator Solutions:
Media Delivery

Openwave Mobility Media Optimizer is an intelligent, device- and policy-aware solution that delivers online video content while increasing bandwidth. It is LTE-ready and congestion-aware, enabling it to identify data congestion “hot spots” to more efficiently manage traffic. The result is a smoother, buffer-free, video experience for all users even in high traffic areas. Media Optimizer also enables carriers to define subscriber level, time-of-day-base, and volume-based policies which help influence the optimization decision in real time, and even allow operators to bill for video traffic as a separate video streaming premium service.

Openwave Mobility Media Optimizer employs the most advanced set of optimization and analytical techniques including its congestion-triggered optimization capability, providing operators the ability to intelligently analyze and implement video optimization based on real-time network conditions rather than optimizing at all times.

Key features of Openwave Mobility Media Optimizer include:

Widest Support of Video Protocols and Formats, Including Inline MP4 – Allowing MNOs a comprehensive solution for all  web and video content variants encountered today.

Highest Video Quality – Highly advanced video encoding algorithms provide best QoE versus savings ratio in the industry.

Integrated Analytics – Operational, traffic, and marketing insights to offer individualized products and services to subscribers.

Multi-VAS Platform – A single platform that enables MNOs to deploy multiple VAS, including Promotion and Pricing Innovation that allows the monetization of traffic data through innovative and targeted data plans.

Intelligent Caching – Offline optimization of most popular videos.

Scalable Service Collaboration – Highly efficient architecture from Layer 3-7, significantly increasing the systems’ scalability.

Architected so that the control plane interactions are separated from the user plane packet processing at L4-7 in keeping with the core foundation of design principles of SDN/NFV.

The solution automatically turns off during periods of low traffic and activates for optimization only when needed, significantly reducing the amount of hardware required to function. Media Optimizer has the ability to improve subscriber QoE to keep satisfaction levels high while reducing the possibility of churn. This means that carriers can maintain their existing customer base and draw in potential new subscribers.

Subscriber & Device Management

Openwave Mobility’s Promotion & Pricing Innovation Mobile Data Charging solution tailors contextual, personalized data plans so subscribers can control what they buy, when they buy it, and in terms they understand.

In addition to giving subscribers control over their mobile data diet, PPI creates opportunities for carriers to engage with subscribers in real-time – what we call “Policy Engagement” – in easy-to-understand terms such as time, device and service being accessed in addition to traditional data measurements of MB/GB consumed.

Subscribers are engaged through service-oriented data price offerings appearing on the screen as pop-ups, push notifications, web interstitials or toolbar activation through one of PPI’s many Mi-Pass Applications.  For example, a user who has depleted their data allowance can be proactively informed through an SMS message and steered to a self-care portal where they can easily select a top-up option. Or, a user might be offered a promotion through a toolbar when they browse specific websites at specific times in the day.

The PPI Solution consists of ready-to-deploy Mi-Pass Applications, including:

Mi-Roaming Pass – allows users to control their mobile data costs while roaming.

Mi-Tether Pass – enables price plans for devices used in tethering or as a local Wi-Fi hotspot.

Mi-Video Pass – enables video content to be charged independently and metered by the hour, or offered if a subscriber’s plan does not include video.

Mi-Day Pass – no-commit data plans for new data users, allowing data access to be purchased for a limited time period or for restricted sites.

Mi Shared Pass – allows multiple devices to share the same data allowance.

Mi Reward Pass – enables loyalty and reward programs based on subscriber purchase and data consumption history.

Another facet of the solution is the Shock Absorber. Subscribers are notified in real-time that their spending is approaching the limits and relevant personalized top-ups are offered, thus avoiding “bill shock”.

Self-Care allows subscribers to monitor their data spend and top up as required. A simple green/amber/red fuel gauge displays remaining in-plan allowances. Linked screens enable subscribers to purchase top-ups.

PPI can intelligently intercept mobile internet transactions in real-time. This allows the customer to be targeted for relevant promotions and offers choices at the point of interest.

Openwave Mobility’s PPI has been successfully deployed at numerous locations including the nation’s largest privately held wireless communications provider, C Spire, powering its CHOICE and SHARED Data plans. The structure of the price plans, developed between C Spire and Openwave Mobility is unique in the North American market.  They provide a greater degree of personalization than competitors do, who predominantly rely on one-size-fits-all unlimited “bucket” plans.  By using this application-focused mobile data charging model, subscribers can create their own data plans which reflect their unique needs and interests.