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2014 Mobile Star Awards Entrant:

>  Operator Media Delivery  —  DynaMO
>  Operator Subscriber Management  —  Promotion & Pricing Innovation (PPI)

2012 & 2013 Mobile Star Awards Winner:

>  Operator Email or Messaging  —  Mx Messaging Platform
>  Operator Media Delivery  —  Media Optimizer
>  Operator Subscriber Management  —  Promotion & Pricing Innovation (PPI)

Company Summary:

Openwave Mobility
2100 Seaport Boulevard, 4th Floor

Redwood City, CA 94063
(+1) 650-480-7200
owmobility [at] sonuspr.com


Company Structure:  Private Company, established in 2012
Operating Systems Supported:  All Platforms

Operator Media Delivery Solution: DynaMO

DynaMO is the industry’s first cloud-based web, audio and video optimization solution that intelligently optimizes content in mobile data networks for unprecedented speed and quality improvements. DynaMO can be hosted in-cloud, introduced in-network, or deployed in a virtualized environment with dynamic scaling that closely aligns with industry initiatives for Network Function Virtualization (NFV).

DynaMO has several unique features and industry firsts. These include its capability to optimize HD and MP4 video content; its ability to vary levels of optimization depending on network congestion, and its Optimization Dashboard to enable traffic profiles and optimization impact to be measured and tuned.  DynaMO delivers these leading propositions using private and public cloud deployments.

DynaMO’s benefits include:

— Detects and optimizes over 70% of mobile video traffic by inspecting the first octets from the video payload
— ROI through reducing webpage loading times by up to 40% and saves over 30% audio streaming traffic without degrading quality
— Supports virtually all OTT video content – including HTTP-PD, HLS, HDS, HSS, MPEG-DASH, micro-videos such as Instagram or Vine
— Supports virtually all audio content – including Pandora, Last.FM, Grooveshark, Slacker, rdio, Jango, iHeartRadio and many more
— Selectively optimizes only when and where needed by applying Congestion Triggered Optimization (CTO), by monitoring subscriber’s bandwidth, leading to lowest total cost of ownership (TCO)
— Re-encodes MP4 content in real-time – industry first and leading solution that guarantees player compatibility by preserving the original MP4 format
— Provides traffic analysis and benefits from optimization for optimal system operation and planning

For more on DynaMO, see owmobility.com/dynamic-media-optimization.

Operator Subscriber Management Solution: PPI

Openwave Mobility’s Promotions and Pricing Innovation (PPI) enables operators to engage in real-time with subscribers by promoting relevant services and custom price plans that users are likely to desire based on past behavior. PPI combines subscriber analytics and behavioral segmentation to provide highly targeted promotions which are delivered using a variety of rich communication form factors such as push notifications and content insertion. Operators benefit as they build new revenue streams by successfully promoting their data services and third party content more effectively. Subscribers benefit from timely, relevant offers and price plans leading to a far more personalized mobile experience.

PPI engages users, dynamically and contextually, opening up new communication channels for pricing plans content, and service promotion and self-care management. Through PPI deployment operators can experience complete ROI in 6-12 months, increase ARPU by 10-20 percent, and secure double digit churn reduction (C Spire Wireless have publicly stated a reduction in churn of 20% for subscribers who engage with PPI Pricing).

PPI supports a number of key use cases including:

Video Pass – Video Pass enables the operator to seamlessly roll out video as a premium service offering. The user can subsequently manage their video plan through a service self-care function.

Roaming Pass – Roaming Pass enables the operator to seamlessly roll out data roaming as a premium service to a target set of roaming consumers. Upon real-time detection the roaming consumer is immediately offered a number of service oriented roaming plan options.

Shared Plan – PPI Pricing’s Shared Plan allows sharing of a single data allowance amongst a group of members or devices. All group members have visibility of the remaining shared plan allowance through self-care. In addition, all members are notified by SMS when their data allowance is running low or has ran out. The group owner has the authority to top-up the account through self-care.

Rewards – PPI Pricing-Rewards allows the operator to define event-driven reward and loyalty programs based on specific user online behavior and purchase history. It enables the operator to reward loyal users for repeat purchases and/or provide targeted recommendations. It makes users feel more valued as a customer and reduces churn through differentiated service offerings which rewards customer loyalty.

What differentiates PPI is the real-time engagement aspect of the solution and the diverse communication form-factors supported. PPI is deployed by mobile operators in Europe and North America. C Spire Wireless in Mississippi has documented an increase in revenues and a 20% decrease in customer churn – they attribute this to PPI. The promotions generated are viewed by customers as relevant and timely rather than “advertising,” leading to a better end-user experience and revenue upside for the operator.