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2013 Mobile Star Awards Winner:

>  Enterprise Mobile Data Capture or Database – CellCast Solution
>  Enterprise Mobile Messaging, Email or Alerting – CellCast Solution
>  Enterprise Mobile Training & Learning – CellCast Solution

2012 Mobile Star Awards Winner:

>  Enterprise Solutions: Collaboration & Presentation – CellCast Solution
>  Enterprise Solutions: Data Capture or Database – CellCast Solution
>  Enterprise Solutions: Field Sales & CRM – CellCast Solution

Company Summary:

OnPoint Digital
200 Blue Fin Circle, Suite 2

Savannah, GA 31410
(+1) 912-898-9202
info [at] mlearning.com


Company Contacts:
Robert Gadd, President, rgadd [at] mlearning.com
Paige Harris, Marketing Manager, pharris [at] mlearning.com

Company Structure:  Private Company, established in 2001
Operating Systems Supported:  Android, Apple iOS, Apple Mac OS X, BlackBerry, BREW, Linux, Symbian, Windows Mobile, Windows Phone, Windows

Featured Mobile Applications: CellCast Solution

OnPoint’s CellCast Solution is the premiere platform for mobile content creation, management, deployment and tracking.  The CellCast Solution allows you to create and deliver content to smartphones and tablets, facilitating anytime/anywhere communications to mobile users via a simple and intuitive App—ideal for training, reinforcement, data collection, and field communications.

OnPoint CellCast supported devicesThe CellCast Solution is a combination of a web-based platform for authors and administrators with mobile device apps installed and resident on the devices to manage content, access and tracking.  Users take content assigned to them and search for additional content as needed.  Supported content formats include PDF files, narrated PowerPoint presentations, HTML5, and video and audio clips.  Media-based content is automatically transcoded into any format needed to support enterprise device profiles.  Supported devices include BlackBerry® handsets and PlayBook tablets, Apple iPhone®, iPad® and iPod touch®, Windows® Mobile 5/6, Windows® Phone 7/8, Windows® 8 tablets, Google Android® devices and popular eBook readers.  Advanced features include custom UI, search, social media, gamification templates, and user-generated content.

With more than seven years of experience in one platform, the CellCast Solution is mature, robust, and scalable.  As the market leader in mobile learning, our customers enjoy many advanced features, such as the ability to limit access based on a time schedule, learning path functionality, assessments/surveys and rules-based messaging.  Superior security features, including device ID encryption and remote application wiping, make the CellCast Solution the top choice for Enterprise customers.

CellCast Highlights:OnPoint CellCast benefits

Create highly customized environments including fully configurable user interfaces and complete replacement of the app “look and feel”

Distribute mobile web content  in HTML, Text or PDF formats (reference materials, performance support, supplemental learning)

Deliver PowerPoint, video, and audio clips
to media-capable smartphones, pushed or pulled

Create and deploy tests and surveys in web, voice/IVR or 2-way message
campaign formats

User-generated content allows teams to share information on the fly

Make/track assignments by user, group, job code, or location

Distribute triggered alerts/notifications/reminders to any user/group

Provide content catalogs with advanced search and content ratings

Social networking features maximize group contact and communication

Gamification templates allow learners to earn badges and track points on a leader board

Analyze access, completion, and test results with detailed reporting and dashboards for managers

Advanced integration capabilities with existing LMS and other business systems

Superior security allows remote application wiping and device ID encryption