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2012 & 2013 Mobile Star Awards Winner:

>  Enterprise Mobile Devices Management – NQ Mobile NQSky
>  Enterprise Security 
– NQ Enterprise Shield (2012)
>  Consumer Mobile Security
 – NQ Mobile Security
>  Consumer Mobile Web Utility – NQ Family Guardian, NQ Mobile Vault
>  Consumer Mobile Services Visionary – Dr. Henry Lin & Omar Khan

Company Summary:

NQ Mobile
4514 Travis St., Suite 200

Dallas, TX 75205
(+1) 972-841-0506
pr [at] nq.com

Company Contacts:
>  Conrad Edwards, Chief Experience Officer, Conrad [at] nq.com
>  Cheryl Cade, Digital Marketing Director, Cheryl [at] nq.com

Company Structure:  Public Company (NYSE: NQ), established in 2005
Number of Employees:  200
Markets:  Consumer, Device OEM, Telecom
Operating Systems Supported:  Android, Apple iOS

Featured Consumer Applications:
NQ Mobile Security

More than 326 million users around the world trust NQ Mobile Security to protect them from malware, spyware, phishing, viruses, hacking, eavesdropping, and other threats. NQ Mobile Security’s cloud-based database is the world’s largest catalog of mobile threats, with intelligence on over two billion risk-assessed and rated URLs and 1,400,000 mobile applications, and is responsible for first detecting and resolving over 75 percent of all new mobile threats.

NQ Mobile Security’s proprietary mobile threat database is the largest in the world, building on powerful “cloud+client” architecture, where every NQ Mobile Security user forms part a global security cloud. With no effort on their part, consumers constantly contribute new non-attributable security knowledge that helps NQ to detect virus samples, malicious URLs, and other threats to provide the strongest mobile security on the market.

NQ Mobile Vault

In the past, smartphone privacy was an all or nothing proposition – either you chose to share your phone and expose all of your content or you kept your phone to yourself. NQ Mobile Vault was developed to change all this, empowering consumers with the ability to easily hide and secure confidential photos, videos, SMS messages, Facebook messages and call logs.

Vault eliminates the privacy risks consumers face if their phone is stolen or simply if they have something they’d prefer others not see. From unflattering photos to sensitive SMS messages, Vault creates a safe, password-protected and encrypted place to store any data. It even allows users to hide the Vault app icon so that others won’t know it’s installed. And if someone tries to break into the Vault, it’ll snap a photo of them so users can see who has been snooping.

NQ Family Guardian

NQ Family Guardian is a complete smartphone parental control solution suite that offers parents and their kids a healthy balance of protection, communication, and parental peace of mind. With capabilities for mobile management, safety and monitoring, the solution is the most comprehensive in its category. It comprises an app that is downloaded and installed on the child’s Android smartphone along with a web-based control center that allows parents to protect their children from any web-enabled smartphone, tablet or PC.

Features include geo-Fencing, where parents can be notified if kids leave an established “safe zone,” as well as scheduled use periods, one-click check-in and a panic alarm in case of emergency.

Learn about NQ Mobile’s Enterprise MDM solution, NQ Mobile NQSky.

Meet NQ Mobile founders and visionaries, Dr. Henry Lin & Omar Khan.

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