Nadel Phelan

2012 Mobile Star Awards Entries:

Public Relations Company — Nadel Phelan
Success Story: Public Relations Nadel Phelan & Odyssey Software

Company Summary:

(+1) 831-440-2404

Company Structure:  Private Company, established in 1993
Number of Employees:  20
Markets:  Mobile Technology, Telecom

A history of impressive results tells the story.

Nadel Phelan is a uniquely positioned public relations agency that unites the perspectives of its vibrant and dynamic client base and foresees future trends in technology. With the range of products Nadel Phelan represents every person using a mobile device or PC is utilizing one or more of its client offerings every day.

Nadel Phelan brings together a unique blend of experience that addresses the needs of technology providers in the enterprise and consumer markets with the number one goal of delivering extraordinary results that leverage traditional and new media throughout the world.

With knowledge that spans over four decades, Nadel Phelan delivers strategic and tactical consultancy that helps clients size-up and outmaneuver competitors, clarify goals and leverage and preserve precious resources. Focusing on a culture dedicated to service that starts with its customers, proven processes and a talented team has ensured results-driven PR campaigns that keep the clients coming back.

Nadel Phelan has been instrumental in creating winning public relations initiatives for such established industry icons as Cisco, Symantec, Oracle and Microsoft. “Our main goal is to lead dynamic companies with game-changing products to measurable global success,” says Nadel Phelan Vice President Cara Sloman. Along with the giants are tenaciously fast-moving start-ups that are equally represented.

Nadel Phelan's Paula Phelan & Cara Sloman

Paula Phelan and Cara Sloman

“Eighty percent of our business comes from returning executives whom we have served in previous engagements,” notes Sloman. “We have worked with companies for more then ten years and found we are an extension of our client’s team. When the client is executing goals and exceeding expectations, so is Nadel Phelan.”

Providing unique and personalized attention for each client and merging master-skills of the trade with insightful technology market sense allows Nadel Phelan to not only create effective public relations campaigns, but to also distinguishes the organization as a leader amongst competitive agencies.

Understanding the business goals of clients allows success to be a measurable metric. “We pursue elite media opportunities that directly tie-into the clients goals,” says Nadel Phelan President & CEO, Paula Phelan. “Fundamental success that directly results from our campaign allows us to provide measurable outcomes.”

By providing a 360-degree perspective of prevailing market trends, custom needs and competitive products, Nadel Phelan provides clients with the essentials to keep a leading marketing edge and helps forge a plan for success that leverages core strengths to create a lasting advantage.

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