2012 Mobile Star Awards Winner:

>  Enterprise Cloud Services or VPN — MOBI Wireless Management
>  Enterprise Mobile Device Management — MOBI Wireless Management
>  Enterprise Telecom Expense Management — MOBI Wireless Management

Company Summary:

6100 West 96th Street #150
Indianapolis, IN 46278
(+1) 855-259-6624
marketing [at]

Company Contacts:
Matt McIntyre, Marketing Manager, matt.mcintyre [at]
Hannah Scott, Marketing Coordinator, hannah.scott [at]

Company Structure:  Private Company, established in 2007
Operating Systems Supported:  All Web Browsers

Featured Mobile Solutions:

MOBI wireless management combines a consultative approach with web-based tools and 24/7 end-user support to help companies better manage the complexity of wireless programs, including categories such as asset management, cloud services and expense management.

Asset Management

MOBI provides a carrier and platform-neutral solution that allows users to manage information and view their smartphone, data and tablet programs. With MOBI’s technology capability, administrators can manage device assets to prevent data or device theft.

Users can create custom reports that deliver information to the appropriate administrators, and MOBI’s technology allows administrators to monitor unused devices or devices incurring excessive charges. Carrier and platform types – or those without carrier contracts – do not affect MOBI’s ability to gather the information on the monitored devices. If a company changes device platforms, administrators can maintain visibility over all the old devices while monitoring the migration process to the new platform.

MOBI’s technology allows a full, simplified integration of multiple services
to allow administrators to properly manage, collect and deliver information regardless of device platform or device carrier service.

Cloud Service or VPN

MOBI users can access our cloud-based portal anywhere an active internet connection is present by using a secure username and password or through a single-sign-on (SSO) connection that closely ties their existing systems and MOBI’s portal technology. MOBI offers its technology as Software as a Service, so the client doesn’t have to install local software; and cloud-based architecture updates and enhancements are pushed out to users, giving them immediate access.