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2014 Mobile Star Awards Sponsor & Winner:

>  Enterprise Mobile API Solution — Mi-Enterprise Apps
>  Enterprise Mobile Data Capture — Mi-Forms
>  Enterprise Mobile Field Service — Mobile Inspection Software
>  Success Story: Asset Tracking & Field Service — Lightower Fiber Networks

2012 Mobile Star Awards Winner:

>  Enterprise Solutions: Data Capture — Mi-Forms
>  Success Story: Asset Tracking & Field Service — Veriform

Company Summary:

4601 Creekstone Drive, Suite 102
Durham, NC 27703

(+1) 919-485-4819
info [at] mi-corporation.com

Company Contacts:
>  Gautham Pandiyan, VP of Sales & Marketing, gpandiyan [at] mi-corporation.com
Shay Quigley, Marketing Associate, squigley[ at] mi-corporation.com
>  Greg Clary, PhD, CEO, gclary [at] mi-corporation.com
>  Chris DiPierro, CTO, cdipierr [at] mi-corporation.com

Company Structure:  Private Company, established in 1999
Operating Systems Supported:  All Platforms

Mobile Forms Software & Other Solutions:

Mi-Corp mobile forms software inputMi-Corporation, a 14-year industry leader in mobilizing mission-critical business processes, offers enterprise-class solutions that quicken business cycles, drive productivity, and increase revenues.  Their mobile solutions support the use of Windows 8 Tablets, the Digital Pen, iPads, Android Slates, and other mobile devices across diverse industries. Organizations like Eli Lilly, Lightower Fiber Networks, the NC Department of Agriculture, the United Nations, The US Dept. of Transportation, and many others use Mi-Corporation mobile forms, mobile applications, and reporting software products.

Mi-Corporation’s Mi-Forms mobile forms software is a best-of-breed data capture system that allows the capture of any data type, on any device, and its export to any enterprise systems. Mi-Forms comes with a graphical Design tool, Client applications on iOS / Android / Windows / HTML5 and a server-based administrative program for user/form management, workflow and more. Mi-Forms is also built on top of a Microsoft .NET SDK technology architecture, enabling various integration and embedding / customization options.

Mi-Corp mobile forms software

Mi-Corporation’s Mobile Inspection Software Reporting/Dashboarding product (MISM) (image below) provides an easy, user-friendly way to gather KPIs and metrics on information collected using Mi-Forms mobile forms software or other data collection technologies. MISM lets you analyze the data collected instantly to glean meaningful business insights and present intuitive charts, graphs and reports for visualization.

Mi-Corp Mobile Inspection mobile forms software

Mi-Corporation’s Mi-Enterprise Apps platform, shortens the app development & deployment cycle for mobile app developers from months or years , to weeks, leveraging the proven server-based middleware from the 14+ year veteran Mi-Forms technology. Mobile app developers can use any open source tools for development (or Mi-Corporation’s Designer/hybrid apps), and utilize the Mi-Enterprise Apps server (in the cloud or on-premise) to easily handle user management, authentication, workflow, encryption, offline syncing and integration via 90 APIs and web services.

Mi-Corp Mi-Enterprise Apps

At Mi-Corporation we believe that technology should simplify lives, map to your mission critical business processes and have a positive impact on the world. We make our technology intuitive, user-friendly, robust, secure & offer top-notch service & support to back it all up and make a difference for our customers.

Trust the optimization of your mission critical business processes to Mi-Corporation.

Learn how Mi-Forms mobile forms software has increased savings and efficiencies for Lightower Fiber Networks.

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