2012 Mobile Star Awards Winner:

Operator Solutions: Mobile Payments — Direct Operator Billing

Company Summary:

15, rue Edmond Reuter
L-5326 Contern
G.D. of Luxembourg
Tel: +352 27 756 280
Fax: +352 27 756 298

Eileen Preston, Global PR Mmanager, eipr [at] mach.com

Company Structure:  Private Company, established in 1989
Number of Employees:  1,000+
Markets:  Telecom
Operating Systems Supported:  All Platforms

Featured Mobile Solutions:

MACH has an unrivalled heritage in the transactions space, with over 650 operator relationships worldwide, and leads the industry with its Direct Operator Billing (DOB) service. MACH is working closely with mobile network operators to take DOB to the next level and establish it as a new billing and payment method for mobile content, apps and digital/virtual goods.

A recent survey compiled by MACH at Apps World UK in 2012 found 85% of industry professionals now see DOB as a vital part of growing app revenues. MACH’s Direct Billing Gateway (DBG), a highly innovative way to charge for mobile content, apps and digital/virtual goods, has played a vital role in DOB’s establishment.

For consumers, MACH’s DOB service enables a frictionless experience, providing the option of making app and in-app purchases and buying digital and virtual goods and services by placing the fee on their mobile phone bill. For merchants and developers, it provides a range of potential features, including real-time charging, flexible pricing points and direct refund capabilities. This frictionless user experience maximizes conversion rates and boosts revenues for merchants and operators. This is in contrast to Premium SMS, which is ambiguous in the way consumers are charged and what they are charged for, and to credit card payments, which are restrictive, inefficient and potentially insecure.

MACH’s solution also includes Payforit Version 4 support in the UK which creates huge value for mobile consumers, as their purchases are governed by the scheme’s regulation, providing a trusted and safe framework for payments.

Since launching DOB with a 1-click buy method for in-app purchases in 2008, MACH has enhanced its service to offer an array of e-commerce features, including real time charging, flexible pricing and refunds.

MACH’s DBG is directly integrated to the billing systems of major mobile network operators across the globe and delivers real-time authentication and authorisation, minimising risk of revenue leakage or abandoned transactions. In September this year, the solution was rolled out across the UK’s network operators including Vodafone, EE and Three, and commenced work with O2 as it starts to roll out its new Charge to Mobile platform.

In the same month, MACH was selected by Skype as the first vendor to deliver direct operator billing to its new and existing users across key markets. Skype users are now able to purchase credits from desktop PCs and mobile devices, through browser-based purchases and in the future will be able to do this through in-app functionality.

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