2012 Mobile Star Awards Winner:

>  Enterprise Software: Application Development – KonyOne platform

Company Summary:

7380 West Sand Lake Road #390
Orlando, FL 32819
(+1) 407-730-KONY (5669)
Toll free: 1-888-323-9630
pr [at] kony.com

Jill Shanks, Corporate Communications Manager, jill.shanks [at] kony.com

Company Structure:  Private Company, established in 2007
Markets:  Consumer, Field Service, Finance, Healthcare, Hospitality, Retail Point-of-Sale, Supply Chain, Transportation, Utilities
Operating Systems Supported:  All Platforms

Featured Mobile Solutions:

Kony enables enterprises to build mobile applications in less time and at lower cost than any other solution.  Leveraging a single application definition, applications are designed and developed just once, in a device-independent manner, and can be deployed across multiple channels, including native applications, device-optimized mobile web, SMS, web gadgets, kiosks, and tablets.

Why is this important now?  The idea of one computer and one phone per person is outdated.  The 3-year hardware refresh cycle is dead.  Whether users are employees or consumers, chances are they own or have been issued several types of devices.  Now, users expect their apps to work on any device, instantly and seamlessly.  Apps built on Kony’s platform give users access to everything they want, with a consistent user experience.

Kony’s platform offers easy, drag-and-drop visual development of mobile applications along with a simple, intuitive scripting language.  You can build apps without writing a line of code.  Other platform features help reduce application development time and cost, leading to the lowest TCO and fastest time to market for applications.

Kony’s architecture is loosely coupled and separates the user interface, client side logic and service-side services and infrastructure.  This allows each of these components to be reused as users create additional mobile applications from the initial code base.  For example, if you develop an iPhone app and later want to deploy it to a tablet, Android or Windows 8 device, all of the data services, business logic and even the original user interface can be reused.

Because of this flexibility and scalability, Kony’s platform helps to “future-proof” its clients’ mobile investments by enabling applications to be changed once for all channels, ensuring faster adoption of new operating systems and standards as they are introduced, and  reducing or eliminating maintenance, upgrade and future development costs.

Kony currently provides support for more than seven operating systems on more than 10,000 devices,  and 15 browsers.  More than 70 Fortune 500 companies use Kony to develop, design, deploy and manage their mobile offerings.