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2014 Mobile Star Awards Winner:

>  Enterprise Healthcare Practice Management  —  One by Ingenious Med

2012 Mobile Star Awards Winner:

>  Enterprise Healthcare Practice Management  —  Ingenious Med impower

Company Summary:

Ingenious Med
400 Galleria Parkway, Suite 1600

Atlanta, GA 30339
(+1) 404-815-0862
marketing [at] ingeniousmed.com


Company Contacts:
>  Courtney Schickel, VP, Marketing —  courtney.schickel [at] ingeniousmed.com
>  Sarah TipsinMarketing Coordinator —  sarah.tipsin [at] ingeniousmed.com
>  Simone Wilson, Marketing Asst. —  simone.wilson [at] ingeniousmed.com
>  Drew MuldowneyCorporate Comm. Specialist —  drew.muldowney [at] ingeniousmed.com

Company Structure:  Private Company, established in 1999
Number of Employees:  135
Operating Systems Supported:  Android, Apple iOS, Windows

IM1 Patient Encounter Platform:

IngeniousMed patient encounter platform iOSIngenious Med has recognized that through technological solutions, efficiently improving the quality of care will lower costs and increase revenue for physicians and healthcare facilities.

One by Ingenious Med (IM1) is a patient encounter platform (PEP) robust enough for enterprises but scalable for smaller practices. It is a cloud based internet and mobile client that increases quality and revenue by streamlining and automating the areas of care coordination, charge capture, and advanced analytics.

Unlike an EMR, patient encounter platforms like IM1 are active solutions in the hands of users, designed to increase quality and decrease costs. One by Ingenious Med allows physicians to know who to treat, when, and why. When they do, it’s just as easy to capture the right diagnoses at the correct code level. The data gathered by user behavior is then available through drillable, real-time dashboards, giving decision makers an unparalleled view into productivity, operations, and outcomes. This creates a singular opportunity to affect immediate, ground level change.

One by Ingenious Med is a cloud based, web and mobile patient encounter platform to keep the footprint as light as possible on hospital IT resources. The dedication to our clients goes deeper than that, though. IM1 is designed to quickly and effectively fit into existing workflows to maximize efficiency and minimize disruption. It can stand alone or integrate with future and legacy hospital systems, complementing any EMR or billing system, ultimately creating a unified technological ecosystem for any healthcare system.

Find out more about the IM1 patient encounter platform, here: ingeniousmed.com/one-by-ingenious-med