2012 Mobile Star Awards Winner:

Enterprise Healthcare Practice Management  —  Ingenious Med impower

Company Summary:

5660 New Northside Drive, Suite 600
Atlanta, GA 30328
(+1) 404-815-0862

Company Contacts:
Pamela “Lala” Jackson, Marketing Communications Specialist, pamela.jackson@ingeniousmed.com

Company Structure:  Private Company, established in 1999
Number of Employees:  95
Operating Systems Supported:  Android, iOS

Products & Services Summary:

Ingenious Med’s mobile solutions have been designed exclusively for the physician on the go. Ingenious Med’s impower application on mobile is a fully-equipped charge capture, coding and documentation suite, which has allowed nearly 20,000 users across 350 healthcare organizations to optimize performance and revenue.

Ingenious Med’s award winning mobile platform automates the activities of physicians through point-of-care technology. Beyond handheld care at the bedside, impower is widely used by physicians at hospital work stations, computer labs, tablet PCs and laptops.

The application enables physicians to capture charges, enhance documentation, coding and compliance, improve quality of care, increase revenue, report and communicate digitally. Additionally, the program aggregates management data separately from the hospital information system, so individual physician and total department performance can be accurately evaluated.

Having charge capture, coding and real-time data at the bedside through Ingenious Med is enhancing the quality, organization and speed of practices all over America. The automated tools eliminate the need to rely on memory, expensive coders, paperwork and the lag time involved with all three. The communication tools, rounding platform, cross-cover and discharge facilitate patient handoff. Practice administrators rely on our documentation and reporting suite, as the charts and graphs provide a real-time snapshot of productivity and trends within their practice.

Groups who begin using Ingenious Med are increasing the amount of charges captured by up nearly 20 percent and thus increasing revenue per physician around $40,000 annually.

Hospitals who employ their physicians find using Ingenious Med helps subsidize P&L costs, while providing safety from over and under coding during audits.

Ingenious Med’s program also works with a hospital’s existing HIS/ADT and/or billing system, to further streamline and automate processes and eliminate paperwork.