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2012 & 2013 Mobile Star Awards Winner:

>  Enterprise Mobile Device Management – Endpoint Protector
>  Enterprise Security – Endpoint Protector (2012)

Company Summary:

CoSoSys, Ltd.
Haiducului Street 6

Cluj-Napoca, Romania, 400040
(+40) 264-593 110
info [at] cososys.com

>  Roman J. Foeckl, CEO
, roman.foeckl [at] cososys.com
>  Michael Bauner, VP, Sales & Technology, michael.bauner [at] cososys.com
>  Cristina Pop, Sales Director, cristina.pop [at] cososys.com

Company Structure: Private company, established in 2004
Operating Systems Supported: Android, Apple iOS, Windows Phone

CoSoSys Features & Benefits:

Mobile Device Management from CoSoSys ensures complete protection of all enterprise mobile endpoints and enables a detailed control over companies’ mobile devices fleet.

In the BYOD era,  where the line between work and leisure gets thinner day by day, Endpoint Protector MDM by CoSoSys offers enhanced security for sensitive company information stored on company owned or personal smartphones and tablets and discrete monitoring over mobile device use in corporate environments. MDM from CoSoSys is available for iOS, including iOS 7 and Android devices, the most common platforms used globally.

Administrators are a few steps away to manage countless devices from a single dashboard (see screenshots below).

Secure mobile devices:
– Define complexity and other parameters for passwords. No more 1234 passwords.
– Create security policies based on passwords for more devices simultaneously

Protect sensitive information in case violations occur:
– Remote Lock mobile devices
– Remote Wipe data, including SD card on Android

Manage mobile devices:
– Setup WiFi, Mail and VPN remotely and push settings to iOS devices to save time
– Identify jailbroken devices

Manage mobile apps:
– Push apps to iOS devices (Free | Paid | Enterprise)
– Remove managed non-compliant apps
– Receive alerts when profile / app is removed

Set Restriction Policies for iOS:
– Installing apps
– Use of camera
– iTunes
– Safari
– And many more

Mobile Device Management made easy

The administration is done from a web-based interface, which is highly intuitive and easy to access. Either create an account on my.endpointprotector.com, set up a virtual appliance with one of our .vmx, .vhd, .ova, and other images, or connect one of our plug and play hardware appliances to the company network. Therefore, MDM is available as a cloud-based solution with My Endpoint Protector, and as a Hardware or Virtual Appliance with Endpoint Protector 4.

Testing CoSoSys’ mobile device management solution is also very easy.  There are different options available based on each company needs:

– a free account for up to 5 mobile devices with the Appetizer License
– a 10 day trial version for 5 mobile devices with My Endpoint Protector
– a 30 days trial version with Endpoint Protector 4

Endpoint Protector and My Endpoint Protector provide two additional modules: Device Control for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux (just Windows and Mac OS X for My Endpoint Protector) and Content-Aware Data Loss Prevention for Windows and Mac OS X for complete protection of business data.

CoSoSys Mobile Device Management

CoSoSys Mobile Device Management reporting