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2013-2014 Mobile Star Awards Sponsor & Winner:

>  Consumer Mobile Printing App – ThinPrint Cloud Printer
>  Consumer Remote Desktop Access Mobile App
 – Teamplace
>  Enterprise Mobile Devices Management – Cortado Corporate Server
>  Enterprise Mobile Printing Solution – ThinPrint Cloud Printer

>  Enterprise Mobile Secure File Access or VPN – Cortado Corporate Server

2012 Mobile Star Awards Winner:

>  Consumer Cloud Services or Remote Access – Cortado Workplace
>  Enterprise Cloud Services or VPN – Cortado Corporate Server
>  Enterprise Mobile Devices Management – Cortado Corporate Server

Company Summary:

7600 Grandview Ave.
Denver, CO 80002
info [at] team.cortado.com

Company Contacts:
Henning Volkmer, CEO, henning.volkmer [at] team.cortado.com
Megan Easterling, Marketing, Alliance & Communications Manager, megan.easterling [at] team.cortado.com

Company Structure:  Private Company, established in 1999
Markets:  All
Operating Systems Supported:  All Platforms

Cortado Cloud Apps for Business Professionals:
Cortado Workplace iOS7Cortado Teamplace

Teamplace is a free app targeted for business users, improving productivity and allowing them to work on the go just as with a desktop PC. It provides users with round-the-clock access to files and documents and true mobile cloud printing environments – regardless of the file type, and without requiring a powered-up computer.
Teamplace allows users the following functions:

> Access files at anytime
> Edit documents directly from their smartphone or tablet
> Print directly to nearly any printer, without turning on a PC
> Share files via personalized links
> Save and print files from other programs
> Send files as e-mails
> Multiple device support/Cross platform support
> Document encryption
> Scan documents and convert to PDF, Export PDF files from Workplace
> 2 GB free online storage included

Unique to the industry, users can print documents on any printer connected to the device via Wi-Fi. More than 6,000 different printer drivers on file in the Cortado hosting center allow access to around 10,000 different printer models, while supporting all file formats. The app is available for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Android OS, BlackBerry and Symbian devices.

Thinprint cloud printerThinPrint Cloud Printer

ThinPrint Cloud Printer is the first any only true cloud printing app.

ThinPrint Cloud Printer offers unique features, as it:
> Works with any printer
> Supports both Mac and PCs for printer sharing
> Prints any file type

There are already numerous cloud printing solutions on the market, from niche providers to global players like Google and HP. However, all these solutions – even if they often claim otherwise – have one thing in common: they only cover certain platforms and scenarios and frequently only work with certain printers. With the current limitations, if a user gets a new printer or a new smartphone, they usually have to change their printing solution too. It becomes even more complicated when a user has several devices or wants to print with different apps.

The new ThinPrint Cloud Printer overcomes these limitations. ThinPrint Cloud Printer works differently than Google Cloud Print, functioning with all browsers and all smartphones and also as a Windows driver. Unlike HP ePrint, it supports all printers, regardless of the manufacturer. And in contrast to Apple AirPrint, the solution can be used with all apps and all relevant operating systems.

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