2015 + 2016 Mobile Star Awards Sponsor & Winner:

[Consumer] Remote Desktop App — ShareConnect
Mobile Data Capture
 — Secure Forms
Mobile Devices & App Management — XenMobile
Mobile Enterprise Enhanced Email  — Secure Mail
Mobile Remote Desktop Access  — XenDesktop
Mobile Team Workspace Citrix Workspace Suite
Mobile Collaboration
 — ShareFile (2014-15 winner)
Mobile Remote Helpdesk — GoToAssist (2014-15 winner)
Mobile Training — GoToTraining (2014-15 winner)
Mobile Video Conferencing
 — GoToMeeting (2014-15 winner)


Citrix ShareConnect logo - remote access app

851 Cypress Creek Road
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33309
(+1) 954 267 3000

Structure:  Public Company (CTXS), established in 1989
OS Supported:  Android, Apple iOS, Apple Mac, BlackBerry, Windows Phone, Windows

How ShareConnect leads in remote access:

Citrix ShareConnect lets you securely access your own computer remotely or your clients’ computers, from any smartphone, tablet or computer: iOS, Android, Mac & PC. You can access an entire computer or just the programs you need to see. You can even install ShareConnect on your server to provide users with concurrent access — no VPN required.

ShareConnect has a simple user interface, with no IT setup or ongoing maintenance required, so everyone on your team and your clients are up and running within minutes. And no matter whether your business employs one person or 1000, ShareConnect offers unlimited customer support 24/7 by phone or email.

Not only is ShareConnect easy to use and secure, but it also is priced to be an affordable remote access solution for every business. You pay per user, not per computer, so you can access all of your devices or your clients’ devices from a single account.

ShareConnect’s key remote access features:

— Full computer access from mobile devices and other computers

— Access to intranets, servers and internal databases — no VPN required

— Simple per-user pricing with unlimited computers per user for affordability

— Access and customer care available 24/7

— No IT setup or maintenance costs, and no need to configure workstations or IP addresses

— Uninterrupted, real-time access with optimized performance, even with low bandwidth

— Client access or guest access feature for access to other people’s computers without needing their credentials

— Specific app access to only the programs on a client’s computer you need to see

— Local and remote printing to a printer near you or near the computer being accessed

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