2012 Mobile Star Awards Entries:

>  Consumer App: Entertainment — BeFunky

Company Summary:

625 2nd St., #280
San Francisco, CA 94107
(+1) 707-235-7511

Company Contacts:
Tekin Tatar, CEO,
Darlene Bouchard, Community Manager,
Derric Hoffman, Community Specialist,

Company Structure:  Private Company, established in 2007
Number of Employees:  6
Markets:  All
Operating Systems Supported:  All Web Browsers, All Platforms

Products & Services Summary:

BeFunky is a free photo-editor app for web and mobile, providing a fun, easy-to-use, multiple platform tool that lets users turn ordinary pictures into incredible works of art (screenshots below).  Available on all desktop, iOS, and Android devices, BeFunky gives users more creative control than any other photo-editing tool on the market. It offers an awesome inventory of effects available at your fingertips, with no limit to how many you can apply to a picture.

With more than five million active monthly users and 50 million photos created each month, BeFunky is quickly becoming the most powerful, intuitive, and creative photo-editing application in the world. In September, BeFunky released an updated version and redesigned its interactive photo gallery, making it easier than ever to share the photos you love across your favorite social networks. You can opt to keep your own photos private among family and friends, or share them with other BeFunky users.

New Product Features:

● Unlimited Stacking of Effects
Stack an unlimited number of filters and edits with the tap of a finger on their mobile device or tablet. For example, you can stack a ‘vintage’ filter over a ‘grunge’ filter to get a whole new look! Tweak and layer modifications to create mind-bending photo edits, without any technical knowledge necessary.

● Expanded Editing Features
BeFunky lets you adjust photo contrast, brightness, exposure, hue, saturation, and colors in real-time. Now take advantage of new editing features including: fill-light, beautify, and temperature.

● Change History
Control your photo edits with BeFunky’s new ‘undo’ option. With BeFunky, not only can you stack effects on your mobile device, but undo them as well. The possibilities to experiment and play with your photos are endless.

● More Filters Than Ever
BeFunky has always been a leader in the amount of effects offered for free. The upgrade adds even more super crazy amazing effects that you won’t find anywhere else. With more than 200 effects now available, BeFunky allows you to be more creative than ever.

● New Photo Gallery
In BeFunky’s new interactive gallery, you can help the photos you love become popular by ‘liking’ and sharing them. Finding the types of pictures you like from all over the world is easier than ever through the categories and tag cloud. Visit the gallery to check out and participate in contests, including the BeFunky ‘photo of the day.’

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BeFunky screenshots

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