2016 Mobile Star Awards Winner:

Mobile Customer or User Analytics — Amplitude Mobile Analytics


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185 Berry Street, Suite 4807
San Francisco, CA 94107
contact [at] amplitude.com

Facebook: /amplitudemobileanalytics
LinkedIn: /company/amplitude-analytics
Twitter: /amplitudemobile

Structure: Private Company, established in 2012
OS Supported: All Platforms

How Amplitude amplifies mobile analytics:

Amplitude Mobile Analytics is the ultimate analytics platform for mobile product managers seeking to grow and retain their user base. Using Amplitude’s unique insights into the Behavioral Layer, anyone in a company can pinpoint the most valuable user retention drivers for an app within hours.

Built on the massively scalable Wave architecture, Amplitude allows product teams to analyze billions of user events at a once unheard-of subscription price, so they never have to worry about increasing data volumes or surprise bills.

By rebuilding the mobile analytics stack, Amplitude is able to look into the previously unexplored Behavioral Layer of analytics, which reveals deep, dynamic patterns of user behavior inside an application that lead to engagement and are key to driving growth.

Before Amplitude, the only way to access this hidden layer was through building expensive in-house analytics infrastructure, data warehousing, and data science teams. With Amplitude, organizations have fast, interactive access to this layer with no coding required.

Amplitude Mobile Analytics top features:

Amplitude’s behavioral layer solution is comprised of three different components: Microscope (screenshot below), Behavioral Cohorting and the Growth Discovery Engine.

Microscope is the interactive dashboard tool that enables anyone to explore the user behavior data behind the graphs. It turns each data point on a dashboard from a single number to a fully interactive interface that lets you explore the full depth of data behind that number. With Microscope, it’s easy to study users at any step in the funnel to determine the differences between those who churned and who stayed.

Amplitude also offers Behavioral Cohorting to enable businesses to granularly define a group of users based on specific actions performed over any time frame and at any level of depth. Behavioral Cohorting lets anyone quickly and easily test hypotheses about which behaviors drive engagement and retention in a point and click interface. Based on the insights found through Behavioral Cohorting, Amplitude’s Growth Discovery Engine helps explore all of the possible ‘a-ha’ moments within a company’s user data.

With Amplitude’s unique mobile analytics offering, what used to take businesses weeks, thousands of dollars and an entire data science team can now be done in hours as part of a self-service platform. Amplitude’s mobile analytics solution quickly zeros in on the behaviors that are predictive of retention and conversion and drives explosive user growth in a cost-effective, highly-scalable solution.

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