2013 & 2011 Mobile Star Awards Winner:

>  Enterprise Mobile Device Management – AirWatch Cloud
>  Enterprise Mobile Messaging or Email – AirWatch Email Client
>  Enterprise Mobile Secure File Access or VPN – AirWatch Cloud
>  Enterprise Mobile Services Visionary – Founder & CEO John Marshall

Company Summary:

1155 Perimeter Center West, Suite 100
Atlanta, GA 30338

(+1) 404-478-7500
info [at] air-watch.com

Company Structure:  Private Company, established in 2003
Approx. Number of Employees:  1500
Operating Systems Supported:  All Platforms

Featured Mobile Enterprise Solutions:

AirWatch simplifies enterprise mobility by helping businesses securely manage mobile devices, applications and content through its hosted deployment option, AirWatch Cloud. AirWatch Cloud delivers the AirWatch EMM platform with global data centers, best-in-class technology and strict policies that ensure data is protected. AirWatch Cloud offers physical security, data security, enterprise integration, change management, high availability and more. Enterprises can quickly and easily scale to support 1 to 100,000+ mobile smartphones and tablet devices, while managing the applications and content on those devices over-the-air. With this approach, there is no significant investment in technology or installation services needed.

Since AirWatch is quick to deploy and requires minimal effort, businesses can be up and running with the cloud solution within minutes, depending on their needs. The solution provides the highest level of mobile security while making it very easy to use for IT administrators and end users. Additionally, AirWatch Cloud offers strategic data centers across the globe to ensure data is protected. The company currently hosts 15 data centers globally.

AirWatch features a simple interface and dashboard control for managing thousands of devices across platforms in one web-based console. The solution makes it easy for organizations to operate through a cloud-based deployment and use full APIs to seamlessly integrate with existing corporate infrastructures. IT administrators can easily provision profiles, applications and content to devices over-the-air. AirWatch also allows end users instant access to email, applications and corporate content over-the-air. Through certificate integration, users can enroll in the AirWatch cloud-based MDM solution and automatically connect to corporate Wi-Fi network and VPN.

Additionally, with the AirWatch self-help portal, employees can proactively troubleshoot basic issues for their own devices, including locating their device, resetting their passcode and more. This not only empowers end users to take responsibility for their own device, but it also eases the burden on IT staffs.

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